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Pull Tabs are similar to lottery tickets, and are like "mini games" we play throughout the session. There are dozens of different tabs and each one is unique in the way its played, and how much it pays out. There are a couple fundamental base pull tabs that all tabs derive from. Once you learn the basics, you'll be a tab-poppin master in no time.


Daubing Tabs are played exactly like regular bingo. The player is looking for a card with numbers on it like a traditional bingo card. If you get a card like this, you hold on to it until the game starts. When all the pull tabs are sold, the caller will announce the game.  If you daub all the numbers on your card when they are called, you yell BINGO! Some daubing tabs even have instant winners that let the player win money or prizes instantly!

For example, the Elvis Tic Toc Jailhouse Rock tab has 3 instant winners: $250, $25, and $10!


All Player pull tabs are played the exact same way as Daubing Tabs, except for one're guaranteed a chance to play! Every single card has numbers on it, and when you daub them all you win. Since every card is a player, All Player tabs tend to have lower prize amounts than other daubing tabs, but your chances are greater.  They are great for beginners, or those on a tighter budget. These tabs sell out fast, so if you want some, get them quickly!


Races, or sometimes reffered to as "Horse Races" are often one of the most popular pull tabs we play. Players are looking for a "Horse" numbered 1-15. When the tab is played, the first horse to complete their downline on the number board wins! See example below for detailed instructions.

Horses Numbered 1-15

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