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how to play

it's easy and fun! 



Theres nothing like the old school stuff. Ink dauber firmly in your hand, eyes glancing down the card while you anxiously wait for the next ball to be called. Playing paper is the base of what bingo is. Each game has a specific "pattern." When the caller puts the ball on the monitor,  you match that letter and number to your cards and daub it. When you complete the "pattern" for that specific game, you yell BINGO!  

Example: Game #1 First Session is the Diamond Pattern, so the only numbers you need to daub are the ones that correlate with that "pattern"


This is Bingo of the digital era...and the most simple form you can play. The caller calls the number, and it automatically daubs your cards on the computer. No skill necessary! It even plays a song and lights up when you win, so the only thing you have to be able to do is yell BINGO! Its great for kids, beginners, or people that just want to increase their odds of winning!

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